About us

Woolconcept is a Belgian materials manufacturer committed to providing forward-thinking designers, builders and end users with eco-friendly, recyclable building materials that filter air and made from sheep’s wool.

ABOUT US – Woolconcept® was founded in 2012 by the roofing company Zanzen & Fils after a search for an environmentally friendly, natural alternative to conventional insulators, in order to facilitate the installation of insulating materials by the company’s workers. Woolconcept’s® mission was to produce functional, natural and noble alternatives to traditional building materials, which can improve sustainability in the construction industry and bolster the health and happiness of all the players involved. In the beginning, the insulating materials were imported from Germany, but soon, the production was transplanted entirely to Belgium and also used Belgian wool. Since 2016, Woolconcept® has become independent in terms of production!

Woolconcept® has joined forces with key partners in the wool sector for more than ten years in order to develop insulating and sound-proofing products from sheep’s wool – a unique, plentiful and renewable fibre that is deeply rooted in Belgian culture – with the aim of offering customers an effective alternative to synthetic options. Woolconcept® is also trying to revitalise a forgotten sector that dates back 300 years, to promote local farmers and farming and optimise a material for sustainable construction in the 21st century.

Woolconcept® was founded by construction professionals who are passionate about quality and sustainability. The team is constantly striving to push the limits of wool processing, to improve the quality of its products and to design healthy and sustainable solutions that satisfy the needs of the industry and its stakeholders.