About us

Woolconcept is a Belgian materials manufacturer committed to providing forward-thinking designers, builders and end users with eco-friendly, recyclable building materials that filter air and made from sheep’s wool.

SUSTAINABILITY AND CONSTRUCTION - Founded in 2012 by the roofing company Zanzen & Sons, Woolconcept® was created with a simple goal: to move away from conventional insulation materials and offer an ecological and natural alternative. Through the use of sheep's wool and the development of functional solutions, Woolconcept® has set out to promote sustainability in the construction industry while improving the health and well-being of everyone.

100% BELGIAN PRODUCTION - Initially, insulation materials were imported from Germany. However, with many Belgian sheep farmers and sufficient quantities of wool available to supply the entire sector, the production of insulation materials was quickly relocated to Belgium. Since 2016, Woolconcept® has operated independently in its operations!

CONTINUAL RENEWAL - For over ten years, Woolconcept® has partnered with key allies to develop insulation and soundproofing products for professionals and individuals, using sheep's wool. This unique, abundant, and renewable fiber, deeply rooted in Belgian culture, provides customers with an environmentally friendly alternative to synthetic options.

THE WOOL ALLIES - Shearers, sorters, washers... Woolconcept® doesn't work alone. There are numerous actors within the Belgian wool industry. Together, we form a network of partners who exchange information, collaborate, and work towards industry development.

REVITALIZING A FORGOTTEN SECTOR - Woolconcept® aims to revitalize an ancient sector, existing for 300 years, through actions centered around Positive Economics: promoting human interactions and valuing local sheep farmers and all wool allies, while optimizing the technical quality of wool.

A TEAM - Woolconcept® was founded by construction professionals passionate about quality and sustainability. Since September 2022, Jérémy and William Zanzen have enriched the project with their respective skills and knowledge. Jérémy brings his digital expertise and develops new products, while William's field experience is leveraged to build relationships with sheep farmers and sector allies. He is currently undergoing training in wool shearing.

Woolconcept® constantly strives to push the boundaries of wool transformation, with the goal of improving product quality and designing healthier and environmentally less impactful solutions that meet the needs of the industry and its stakeholders.